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Inorganic coatings may lead the new trend

Source:     Release date:2014/9/30     view:3008

Inorganic coatings may lead the new trend of the future environmental Full inorganic mineral coatings referred inorganic coatings, widely used in architecture, painting and so on. Inorganic coating binder materials are often directly based on the nature which owns rich resource. 

"Green", "green" is to ask the people attach great importance to ecological and environmental protection proposed for the coatings industry, but also the development direction of the coating. 

For a long time, organic coatings for its diversity and low price good decorative varieties made ​​widely used. However, because the main raw material comes from organic architectural coatings coal, oil, natural gas and other resources, will generate a lot of by-products during processing, volatile solvents and residual monomers, both caused by environmental pollution and waste a lot of resources and energy . Meanwhile, the organic coating finishing in the wall surface and the exterior form a coating, and the pressure generated by the air and water affected by temperature in airtight interior and exterior surfaces in motion, constantly acting on the film coatings, after a period of time , will make wall coating hollowing, blistering and even peel off. 

With respect to the organic coating such defects, the inorganic coating has good air permeability, stain resistance and excellent overall environmental performance. As people of architectural coatings performance, increasingly stringent environmental requirements, developed countries attach great importance to the performance of inorganic coatings research and production applications, a lot of work in these areas. In this regard our late start, but a higher starting point. 

Inorganic coatings based on the latest research in the field of international water cured cement-based inorganic powder with a natural plant-based generation of exterior paint, while using a modified aqueous mineral oxide coating, green, and has a broad-spectrum antimicrobial resistance, multi-species of bacteria, fungi 2 minutes inhibitory rate of more than 99.98%. 

Inorganic coatings in the construction on the cement mortar, concrete and masonry surface, combined with the wall by the petrochemical firm reaction, no obvious interface, with the previous film organic coatings principles fundamentally different sense. 

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