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Inorganic coatings may lead the new trend

Source:guani     Release date:2014/9/30     view:3033

Building materials industry as a series of important application areas of chemical products paint, plastic profiles, flame retardant, insulation materials, waterproofing materials, both symbiotic relationship is deepening mutual penetration, is rapidly extend the range of integration. "Twelve Five", the concept of energy saving and environmental protection led to the popularity of new chemical materials, professionals believe that the chemical industry must conform to this trend, providing support for the development of green building materials industry, while expanding demand for building materials in new new areas for greater display space.       

Recalling 2010, the building materials industry sales output value of 3.6 trillion yuan, an increase of 33.37%. Among them, the cement manufacturing 74.75 million yuan, an increase of 25.9%; glass and products industry was 497.273 billion yuan, an increase of 35.91%. Over all, driven by macroeconomic trends to the good, especially last year, the current central seize the rapid growth of rural housing and construction materials supply ample opportunity to take effective measures to promote the "building materials to the countryside", building of industrial production and the main products rapid growth in production, exports exceeded the level before the financial crisis erupted, the larger sales growth, steady economic improvement. Driven by various positive factors, as the building materials industry upstream, chemical industry, soda ash, gypsum blocks and other traditional products to catch the building materials industry, this rapid expansion of the express train.       

Into the "Twelve Five", the building materials industry, market demand for the upstream chemical products not only in quantity, will be a greater emphasis on product upgrades and diversification. It is understood that, at present, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has made it clear the general idea of ​​the building materials industry, "second Five Year Plan", the building materials industry will focus on promoting products deep processing, energy saving and environmental protection and actively develop new building materials, support enterprises to quality, variety, etc. as the focus, technological transformation upgrade. Ministry of Industry and Raw Materials Division official said, a major transformation of Chinese building materials industry development has come, embodied in: from traditional industries to shift development of new industries, from decentralization to shift focus on the development of the material to change products manufacturing from high-carbon low-carbon production methods to change the mode of production, from low-end manufacturing to high-end manufacturing and other changes.       

In this regard, some experts predict, "Twelve Five" period, cement, plate glass, ceramics, wall materials and other building materials sintered base material will be difficult to gain a larger market space for development. In contrast, housing consumption upgrading, promote the development of architectural industrialization of the emerging industry will become a new bright spot in the development of energy-saving building materials industry. Direct impact of this important change is that the upstream chemical products will reach more and more active role involved, both to promote, but also to share the process of transforming the building materials industry to upgrade.       

Manufacturing levels increase, chemical raw materials for ancillary raised higher requirements. In the construction sector, energy, environmental, economic, durable polyurethane foam, coatings, fire retardants, etc. will be more applications. Flame retardants, for example, the global market is about $ 4.1 billion a flame retardant, is now in the stage of steady growth, the future of the annual growth rate is expected to more than twenty percentage points, but after the performance continues to improve, more environmentally friendly organic phosphorus flame retardants are gradually replacing more harmful to the environment and human brominated flame retardants. In addition, the high-temperature dust filter bag is the core component, due to the dust bag is in a phase of rapid development, high-temperature synthetic fiber and other environmental media have performance advantages, speed fiberglass replacement will significantly accelerate over the next five years, the annual growth rate may hope more than thirty percent.       

National fine chemical raw materials and intermediates industry collaborative group vice president, said Xu Jingsheng, fine chemical companies continue to research and production of new products that will boost energy saving and environmental protection and other strategic emerging industries reach your goals faster, including the construction sector because of its height and livelihood Related particularly noteworthy. Building insulation, the current heavy use of polystyrene foam board, the future need to be more combination of materials, such as polyurethane foam; building energy efficiency, solar energy and building integrated photovoltaic promising, the use of solar cells requires a lot of chemicals, such as silicon based solar and semiconductor manufacturing similar chemicals, polymers with polythiophene solar, polyaniline, polyacetylene, polyphenylene acetylene. Coat paint is building, we understand that in 2010 domestic production was 3.519 million tons of architectural coatings, paints accounted for 36.4% of total output. "Twelve Five" period, architectural coatings applications will not only reflected in the simple decorative and protective, but will be more highlights functionality. Insiders believe that the paint manufacturers from the following aspects to improve the quality of our architectural coatings: First, to improve the performance of architectural coatings, architectural coatings second is to increase the function of the three is the paint decorative art, four is the most important lower VOC emissions. Xu Jingsheng also believes fireproof coatings, waterproof coatings, powder coatings and other specialty coatings new "five-second" period will get greater market space.       

Plastic materials has become a weathervane family fashion elements, the future of plastic building materials will be increasingly favored by consumers, is expected to become a new consumption hot spots and new economic growth point. With the variety of plastic materials gradual series, matching and standardization, as well as environment protection and energy requirements increase, intensify efforts to promote the use of a variety of plastic materials such as plastic pipes, doors and windows, polymer waterproof materials, decoration materials, insulation materials and other plastic building materials will have a more substantial increase in demand. 

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