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European Chemicals Agency

Source:guani     Release date:2014/9/30     view:2910

In order to strengthen supervision of REACH (the EU "on chemicals registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction system") and CLP Regulations ("EU classification of substances and mixtures, labeling and packaging regulations") on the implementation of the EU Chemicals Agency in June 28 launched a new online supervision channel (referred to as RIPE). This is the European Chemicals Agency before after registration review, compliance review and a series of regulatory actions is another review of the measures.       

The main contents of this online review of regulation include: whether the dossier submitted, whether for REACH regulations should each other, tonnage information, production and use of space, use description, classification and labeling information, the safe use of guidelines, the data is valid, CLP notification, etc. . It is reported that the review does not meet the REACH and CLP regulations and other related businesses, may be subject to heavy fines or EU authorities held criminally responsible. Currently, the EU has deployed and trained about 2,500 examiners in the Member States into this work. China Hangzhou Ruixu REACH solve technology company expert center belongs to remind the majority of enterprises exports to the EU: REACH registration should actively cooperate only representative (OR), stepping up the investigation substance registration, the various information changes or irregularities submit dossiers for substances, timely informed and updated to take the initiative to ensure that international trade.

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