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2010 Top Ten favorite paint

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May 28, sponsored by the Chinese paint newspaper "reported that in 2010 China paint dealers favorite awards ceremony China's top ten brand paint coatings and the Third China Marketing Summit" held in Shunde, Guangdong. Guangdong Coating Industry Association president He Bingfu, vice president of research marine chemical Yanyong Jiang, president of the Chamber of Commerce, Shunde District, Foshan City Paint HU Jing-Zhao, Deputy Secretary-General of China Building Decoration Association Design Committee of European Wu Xiang, "China Coatings News" editor Lee Fu years and winning business representatives, media, nearly 100 people attended the event.

37 paint companies 50 model for the brand
It is reported that this contest is paint companies called "heavyweight Chinese coatings industry award event." Adhering to the principles of this event fair, just, open, persistent Ningquewulan guidance of the concept, the jury spared no effort to identify, including Nippon, China Resources, Garbo, Dulux, classic, three trees, Avalon, etc., 37 house paint companies in 50 brands were winners in industrial coatings, interior paint, exterior paint, coatings, furniture, paint and other five categories.

"China Coatings News held" top ten dealers favorite paint brand, "the aim is that by voting dealers, the brand's popularity feedback. Chinese coatings reported aim is to promote the brand growth and business development." Unrestricted years, said in his speech.
President of Guangdong Coating Industry Association hebingfu at the meeting, said, "China as a world superpower paint, no paint companies to enter the world's top fifty, which proves that we still lack the Chinese paint brand." The poll can reach contending , flourishing industry results, for the coatings industry escort.

Vice president of marine chemical yanyongjiang believes that "the selection of the top ten paint brand is China paint newspaper sponsored by dealers around the country voted out, so it has the independence, enthusiasm, more fairness, I think this contest is very meaningful for the promotion of our national companies among the world's thriving enterprise as soon as possible of the column has an excellent effect, there is a positive significance. Chinese paint newspaper has long been committed to promoting the development of China's coating industry, I think it is a new thinking of a derivative who advocates communicators, new methods of new information, new solutions provider. "Shunde District of Foshan City, president of the Chamber of Commerce paint chiu said Hu Jing, China reportedly held the top ten coating paint brand awards event, help to further promote the paint companies to create a brand.

Genius on the paint Development
The Forum, Dr. Zou Jinyou, vice president of Guangdong Maydos Building Materials Co., Ltd., Fuster (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Chairman Guo Xiangen paints, Guo Wei, general manager of marketing Zhanchen Coatings Group has to "build high performance teams Paint Dealers "" corporate culture 'homing', "" professional managers and bosses symbiosis of the Road "gave the keynote speech.
"2011 chemical raw materials market, very crazy, very sick, very scary!" East Asian Paints Ltd., deputy general manager of Jiangsu elephant caoxianlong issued such a feeling in a speech entitled "Macroeconomic and coatings industry price storm" of . Labor costs, raw materials, appreciation, inflation, RMB appreciation, rising land costs, capital costs, corporate costs to the enterprise to draw a parabolic rise is not only beautiful but the trend. Caoxian Long said, paint prices irreversible, China has ushered in the transition paint.

Forum, attended by many business people have said in an interview with this reporter, along with rising prices of raw materials, coatings market price "price valve" has been opened, "Paint prices is a foregone conclusion."During the meeting, each winning business representatives expressed the hope that "China Coatings News" continues to play the role of cheerleaders for the coatings industry, became affiliated enterprises and dealers, consumers bridges, to promote the development of China's coating industry continues to contribute. 

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