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Resolve the inevitable

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In the west side of the economy, driven by the strong paint Fujian business being a meteoric rise, the rapid rise of Haixi paint brands, "Haixi forces" has become the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta after another Chinese coating plate. "Haixi market" is based on three trees paint, lacquer red apple represented a hotbed of Haixi paint brand growth, its formation is kind of inevitable, is timing, location, and all the factors are created.

Coatings market rigid demand - day

Since that "the State Council on Supporting Fujian Province to speed up construction of the economic zone on the west side of the" State after a large number of key projects linked Haixi. Features Industrial Park, Industrial Park and other features have landed Hercynian Hercynian buildings a time where they stand. Industrial construction will inevitably drive the development of the building materials industry, but also brought huge demand for industrial coatings and engineering coatings. In order to accelerate the pace of building Haixi, infrastructure improvement and urban planning are also in full swing. Faced with construction of the Straits of employment caused by the influx of affordable housing projects urgently implemented, in order to prevent the brain drain; coupled with the real estate project to invest heavily in real estate in recent years, setting off a huge residential consumption Hercynian heat; Haixi home improvement paint market is also facing unprecedented abundant life. Rigid demand Haixi coatings market has become a solid foundation red apple paint and many other local brand development. "Twelve Five" pattern in the positioning of Haixi, so that will be more significant demand Haixi coatings market.

Transportation Corridor comprehensive and clear - location

"Building opening, internal connections, Shanhai collaboration of three strategic channel", said from the traffic, the formation of a strategic channel Hercynian building that transport channel. "Actively explore new ways of inter-provincial regional cooperation, a new mechanism, in close contact with the inland areas, the establishment of a unified and orderly market system, promote the flow of production factors gathering." Hercynian Hercynian traffic layout is market demand for coatings opportunity for development. Development of national highway, highways, railways and other transport paths for Haixi paint brand ushered in a lot of business opportunities. West Coast will continue to build the future of a number of railway communication between the district roads, then the West Coast cities will achieve seamless, traffic bottlenecks will be broken, the exchange will be more active in the region. Meanwhile, with the rising cost of logistics, transportation advantages Haixi coatings market will be increasingly manifested. Shorten the time required is not just the geographical distance between Haixi, as well coatings business logistics costs.

Construction of ecological civilization driven to enhance environmental awareness - and

"Accelerating the construction of ecological civilization, and strive to build beautiful living environment, sustainable development of the region's eco-virtuous circle", which is one of the priorities of the Economic Zone of the building. Construction of ecological civilization, including the development of tourism and cultural projects, but also includes urban and rural construction, the Haixi region to fight the people live in harmony. With the positioning Haixi ecological park, enhance environmental awareness generally in Haixi area. When the area of ideology and gradually formed, environmental brand penetration of natural matter of course. For example Hercynian plate in red apple paint coating plate, is the first "Green products, creating conscience," the first Hercynian paint companies, Red Apple coatings for cutting edge innovation, green products, conscience created for the production of ideas, through innovative technology to improve the product system, improve the product structure. Making corporate sales doubling year after year, the company's various indicators in the paint industry has been widely praised, establish a brand image Hercynian

With the rise of the "Hercynian plate", the Chinese paint market has already entered the era of the three disputes. Red apple paint coatings and other new forces Haixi strong rise will inevitably bring mobile paint industry sector, shocking pattern of domestic paint sector.

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