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Ten paint solutions to common problems

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Paint can be described as a face-saving renovation project, it is important not to say, the current paint on the market variety, there will always be this kind of problem in the renovation process, today small summarizes the top ten frequently asked questions about paint and coatings solution, I hope your family Bel face child!

1, what is a closed bottom paint stain?

Also called a primer sealer stain with different general primer, this primer can be closed concrete permeable pores, and this primer also has a covering power, capable of covering the stain on the substrate .

2, the distinction between water-based paint and oil paint and oil paint and the distinction between water-based paint?

Oil-based paint is an organic solvent carrier, such as an alkyd paint and polyurethane paint that is oil-based paint. Water-based paint is a water carrier, such as commonly used in decorative paints that are water-based latex paint. Oil paint and oil paint is no difference in the concept. Similarly, the water-based paint and water-based paint is no difference in the concept.

3, why some paint brush after drying paint on the glass seem hard? Content of the hard and soft emulsion paint and how much a relationship or a relationship with the variety of the emulsion?

In the case of the normal film formation, the relationship between the content of the emulsion paint film hardness and little, depending on the type of emulsion used. If the glass transition temperature of the emulsion used is high, the hardness of the film after the film formation is normally high.

4, if you want to paint dry faster table, what measures can be adopted? For example, you can add what additives?

No paint driers, if you want done faster, you can increase the volume of solid content, and reduce formulation coalescent and propylene glycol / ethylene glycol usage. Of course, the need to look at other related properties is subject to too much influence.

5, would like to ask epoxy resin, latex and other products to how they dissolve (destroy) away, without damage to the gum wrapped piece?

Strong solvent composition can try stripping paint remover.

6, in the original tiles affixed to the top of the old house can not use latex paint?
Customers planning to use ceramic tile decoration in the living room walls, and tile surface brushing paint changes color and appearance. Recommendation: for ordinary latex paint on the tile surface adhesion are not ideal, the key is first construction designed specifically for tile paint primer, then latex finish construction.

7, how to determine the degree of covering of titanium dioxide? What method can detect?

You can use the measurement method to determine the ratio of titanium dioxide in hiding. As to how the determination of the ratio, the national standard GB / T9756-2001 "synthetic resin latex interior wall paint" in the ratio test method can refer to.

8, how to detect a glass transition temperature of a emulsion?

Measuring the glass transition temperature of the emulsion is a complex event. Test methods, the measured glass transition temperatures are also different. DSC (differential scanning calorimetry) measurement of glass transition temperature is the most commonly used instruments. For formulators, it should be concerned about the minimum film-forming temperature of the emulsion (MFFT), and can MFFT test measured the minimum film forming temperature.

9, what to do with Rohm and Haas in 3188 waterborne emulsion paint, how to eliminate the bubble ah?

Generally, too defoamer in the case of poor dispersion, is not prone to foaming, but there shrinkage phenomenon. Recommended for use BKY-024 or other defoamers, and slightly increase the dosage to try.

10, why always paint blistering (even if the substrate is very good) in the construction?

Defoamer may be due to a problem with the selection and use. If it is a roll of construction, the quality of the drum will cause blistering. 

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